Pink 47 Dirty Martini


6cl.    Pink 47 gin
1.5cl. Extra Dry Vermouth

1.5cl. Brine from the cocktail olives


•Glass: Martini 

•Time: 2 mins 

•Difficulty: 4/10 

•Yield: 1 cocktail 

•Alcohol Units: 3.1 

•Origin: A favourite of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who historically served one to Joseph Stalin in 1943



Chill a martini glass with ice and water. Fill the tin half of a cocktail shaker with ice cubes (NOT crushed ice), add the gin, vermouth, brine and stir*. Then empty the glass, shaking out any remaining water and strain the cocktail into the glass. Garnish with the olives. 


Green cocktail olives.


This cocktail needs to be cold! So chill the glass first and use plenty of ice in the tin to chill the drink quickly and reduce dilution. *Stirring is preferable to shaking, which shatters the ice and dilutes the drink.